Jesus Saves PEI Vineyards

Apropos of nothing, I just had to repost this item off Jancis Robinson's blog commenting on her article about Canadian wines. It's among the funniest things I ever heard.

From Valerie d'E Miller, Millers Landing, Ontario:

Thank you for an excellent article on the Canadian wine scene. We have a small vineyard in Canada and have found the whole situation mighty frustrating. You covered it beautifully.

PS A perhaps unique problem in Prince Edward County is the raccoons. They love grapes and damage whole bunches by wrenching off their favourite grape. The answer is low electric fences six and nine inches high. While this was being installed we were told that they were repelled by the sound of human voices so we covered the field with portable radios. Activating them after dark, we found that so many of the local stations had music playing. The only guaranteed rabble rousing talk programmes were the US religious programmes. So you can imagine our satisfaction to be walking back home in the dark, hearing from all corners of the field voices telling us that 'Jesus saves - and if you have a problem, you can rely on Jesus!'